What's a Baptist?

This is an American Baptist Congregation.

Many groups go by the name “Baptist.”

American Baptists are distinctive in a number of ways:

  • As the oldest Baptist denomination in America, we trace our origins in America to Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island in 1638 as a haven for religious liberty and freedom of conscience.
  • We are vigorous defenders of religious liberty, freedom of conscience, and the separation of Church and State.
  • We believe in the union between intellectual rigor and spiritual experience. We insist that the heart and the mind are partners in faith.
  • We function as an autonomous congregation, partnering in mission with other communities and with our denomination, while remainig independent in governance.
  • We locate ourselves within the broad stream of progressive Christianity in America. We seek to be champions of peace, justice and reconciliation. We percieve particularly strong obligations to serve the poor, to honor our natural environment, and to welcome (not change) gay and lesbian persons.

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